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A map of the Dardanelles Peninsula
© IWM (EPH 951)
A Short History Of The Dardanelles Campaign
The Dardanelles, a narrow 60-mile-long strip of water that divides Europe from Asia, has been of great strategic significance for centuries. Carefully secured by international treaty, it was the closing of the Dardanelles that eventually brought the Ottoman Empire into the war as a German ally at the end of October 1914.
Posed photograph of Australian troops charging uphill with fixed bayonets, probably taken on Imbros or Lemnos, December 1915.
© IWM (Q 13659)
20 Remarkable Photos From Gallipoli
Gallipoli has become a defining moment in the history of both Australia and New Zealand, revealing characteristics that both countries have used to define their soldiers: endurance, determination, initiative and 'mateship'. Here are 20 remarkable photos from Gallipoli.
 Australian and New Zeland troops at their dug-outs at Gaba Tepe.
© IWM (Q 13823)
15 Photos Of The ANZACs At Gallipoli
The Gallipoli Campaign holds a special significance for Australia and New Zealand. These photographs show just some of the thousands of Australians and New Zealanders who served in the Gallipoli Campaign.