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Second World War (production), Second World War (content)
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Women and men queuing outside Wood Green in 1945
Second World War
What You Need To Know About Rationing In The Second World War
In January 1940, the British government introduced food rationing. The scheme was designed to ensure fair shares for all at a time of national shortage.
HM King George VI and HM Queen Elizabeth talk to a woman operating a fuse testing machine during a visit to the Royal Ordnance factory in Blackburn.
© IWM (P 399)
Second World War
What The Royal Family Did During The Second World War
At 6pm on 3 September 1939, King George VI spoke to the people of Britain and the Empire. In his radio broadcast, he talked of the difficult times ahead and urged his people to stand firm.  
Incendiaries in a Suburb, 1941 by Henry Carr
Second World War
What Life Was Like In Britain During The Second World War
When Britain went to war on 3 September 1939 there was none of the 'flag-waving patriotism' of August 1914. The British people were now resigned to the fact that Hitler had to be stopped by force.