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First World War (content), Second World War (content), First World War (content), Second World War (content)
Croom Helm (Publisher)
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whole: Dimensions: 23cm., Pagination: 302p.

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LBY 93 / 125

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A Bosnian and two Iraqi refugees imposed onto an image of Belgian refugees leaving their homes after the First World War, with the words 'why do refugees leave?'.
First World War
Why do Refugees leave their homes?
Since the First World War, countless lives have been shattered by conflict. Refugees across the globe have had to leave their homes and make journeys to settle somewhere else. This is still happening today. But what drives this displacement? Why do people leave their homes?
Reckoning with Refugeedom Teaser Image
First World War
Reckoning with Refugeedom
Reckoning with Refugeedom is an ongoing project conducted by the University of Manchester. The project aims to put refugees more firmly and centrally into modern history by accessing the perspectives of refugees from different backgrounds, through petitions and letters to those in positions of authority, but also personal correspondence and other source material.
Collections image of refugees
German civilians, fleeing the Soviet advance, pick their way across the River Elbe on a partially destroyed railway bridge at Tangermünde, May 1945 © IWM (KY 12151F)
Contemporary conflict
Explore more stories of people who have been forced to flee their homes and those who work to support and care for them.