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Second World War (content), Second World War (content)
GLEAVE, T. (Author)
DYMOND, F.E. (Author)
Royal Air Force Museum (Publisher)
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Maria Blewitt
Battle of Britain
How Winston Churchill helped Maria Blewitt keep calm and carry on during the Battle of Britain
On 11 September 1940, Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave a wireless speech to the nation addressing the perilous situation Britain was now facing. 
Hermann Goering addressing a group of German pilots before their sortie over England, September 1940.
Second World War
How The Luftwaffe Fought The Battle Of Britain
In 1940, the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) was the largest and most formidable air force in Europe. The organisation of the Luftwaffe was very different from that of the Royal Air Force (RAF), which was organised into ‘Commands’ based on function.
Battle of Britain
A Few of the Few: RAF Pilots in the Battle of Britain
The pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain are commonly known as the Few. The term was coined by Winston Churchill during a speech in August 1940. But how much do we know about the individual pilots? Discover more about some of the faces that appear in our collection and their brave exploits during the Second World War.