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Second World War (content)
Army Bureau of Current Affairs (Production sponsor)
Army Kinematograph Service (Production company)
Pitt, Ray (Production individual)
Baker, Roy (Production individual)
House, Jack (Production individual)
Wilcox, John (Production individual)
Newbrook, Peter (Production individual)
Benham, Eric (Production individual)
Sims, T (Production individual)
Broadhouse, Lawrence (Production individual)
Cox, John (Production individual)
Howell, Bill (Production individual)
Hepburn, Len (Production individual)
Palmer, Ray (Production individual)
Hyde-Chambers, Derek (Production individual)
Forster, Betty (Production individual)
Martelli, Angela (Production individual)
Fairbairn, Kenneth (Production individual)
Johnstone, Joan (Production individual)
Barter, John (Production individual)
Baker, Roy (Production cast)
Vane, Denise (Production cast)
Hanray, Lawrence (Production cast)
Blomfield, Derek (Production cast)
Bass, Alfie (Production cast)
Croft, Peter (Production cast)
Slater, John (Production cast)
Laurie, John Emilius (Production cast)
Gorst, Derek (Production cast)
Moseley, Kenneth (Production cast)
Wilkinson, Sam (Production cast)
Holles, Anthony (Production cast)
Paton, Charles (Production cast)
Morris, Phyllis (Production cast)
Hunt, Elizabeth (Production cast)
Williams, Ben (Production cast)
Atkinson, Frank (Production cast)
Cunningham, Philip (Production cast)
Young, Arthur (Production cast)
Quinn, Tony (Production cast)
McLean, Ian (Production cast)
Case, Gerald (Production cast)
Whittaker, Michael (Production cast)
Truman, Ralph (Production cast)
Lott, Barbara (Production cast)
Burtwell, Frederick (Production cast)
Henry, Richard (Production cast)
Chevalier, Albert (Production cast)
Reeves, Kynaston (Production cast)
Ambler, Joss (Production cast)
Lindsell, Stuart (Production cast)
Rowlands, Glyn (Production cast)
Latham, Stuart (Production cast)
Berkeley, Anthony (Production cast)
Woolston, Henry (Production cast)
Bould, Beckett (Production cast)
Hughes, Roddy (Production cast)
Taylor, Richard (Production cast)
Grudy, Ruth (Production cast)
Patch, Wally (Production cast)
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DRA 3021

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The Supreme Command of the Allied Expeditionary Force, 1944
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Second World War
Why D-Day Was So Important To Allied Victory
The invasion of northern France in 1944 was the most significant victory of the Western Allies in the Second World War
Sergeant Bohumil Furst is greeted by his squadron's mascot on returning to RAF Duxford after a mission.
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