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First World War (content)
Imperial War Museum (Production sponsor)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Production sponsor)
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Production sponsor)
BBC (Production company)
Essex, Tony (Production individual)
Watkins, Gordon (Production individual)
Terraine, John Alfred (Production individual)
Rollins, Ed (Production individual)
Manefield, Tom (Production individual)
Jarvis, Anne (Production individual)
Hipple, Rex (Production individual)
Kay Film Laboratories (Production individual)
Caravel Films (Production individual)
Bigman, Richard (Production individual)
McWatt, John (Production individual)
Garland, Nicholas (Production individual)
Saunders, Robert (Production individual)
Read, Bill (Production individual)
Keene, Brian (Production individual)
Callaway, Ian (Production individual)
Bosworth, Pam (Production individual)
Carr, Norman (Production individual)
Heelas, Peter (Production individual)
Toovey, Barry (Production individual)
Cave, Julia (Production individual)
Broadway, Anne (Production individual)
Bryen, Doris (Production individual)
Kersey, Jill (Production individual)
Davidson, Eric (Production individual)
Vigne, Jean (Production individual)
Mendelsohn, Robyn (Production individual)
Maloney, William (Production individual)
Macloughlin, Marya (Production individual)
Maros, Basil (Production individual)
Virgo, Myrtle (Production individual)
Descendre, Anne (Production individual)
Edwards, Jeffrey (Production individual)
Parry, Audrey (Production individual)
Shukman, Harold (Production individual)
Kuehl, Jerome (Production individual)
Barrie, Alexander (Production individual)
Hastings, Max Hugh Macdonald (Production individual)
Liddell Hart, Basil Henry (Production individual)
Barnett, Correlli Douglas (Production individual)
Pitt, Barrie (Production individual)
Horne, Alistair (Production individual)
Bonham-Carter, Victor (Production individual)
Williams, John (Production individual)
Josephs, Wilfred (Production individual)
BBC Northern Orchestra (Production individual)
Hurst, George (Production individual)
Redgrave, Michael (Sir) (Production cast)
Richardson, Ralph (Sir) (Production cast)
Williams, Emlyn (Production cast)
Goring, Marius (Production cast)
Luckman, Cyril (Production cast)
Shaw, Sebastian (Production cast)
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IWM 1065-10

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