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private papers
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Second World War (content)
Marsland Gander, L

whole: paper


Envelope 9.4.1945: Height 117 mm, Width 140 mm

Letter 23.11.1943: Height 200 mm, Width 238 mm

Letter 17.5.1944: Height 202 mm, Width 248 mm

Letter 9.4.1945: Height 203 mm, Width 127 mm

Letter 5.4.1944: Height 207 mm, Width 247 mm

Vanquisher Despatch: Height 222 mm, Width 178 mm

Instructions: Height 250 mm, Width 202 mm

US N/C Certificate: Height 265 mm, Width 209 mm

ID Card: Height 89 mm, Width (Open) 201 mm

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First World War
Second World War