Section of twisted and rusted steelwork from the collapsed World Trade Center, New York
EPH 10364.2

IWM cares for over 155,000 three-dimensional objects.

Uniforms, Flags, Badges and Insignia

An important and international collection of flags and uniforms, the latter representing all of the armed services and institutions of not only Great Britain and the Commonwealth, but Allies as well as former enemies along with their associated badges and insignia.

Mementoes and Miscellanea

A diverse collection containing objects of personal significance, including escape and evasion items, prisoner of war and civilian internee items, trench art, battlefield souvenirs, commemorative objects, foodstuffs, currency, tobacciana, toys and games, Kindertransport and Holocaust related items, home-front and peace-time items.

Orders, Medals and Decorations

An important collection comprising orders, medal and decorations issued to service personnel and civilians.


An extensive collection of equipment used in twentieth and twenty-first-century warfare, including radios, cipher machines, radars, cameras, medical equipment and even pigeon baskets.

Weapons and Ammunition

A major reference collection that includes firearms, edged weapons, trench clubs or concussive weapons, ordnance and munitions.

Vehicles, Aircraft and Ships

An internationally renowned collection including models, battle tanks, maritime equipment and aircraft components.

Most of the collection of artillery and large military equipment is on show at IWM London or IWM Duxford.