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  • Acrobats in black outfits build a human pyramid, standing on each other's shoulders
    After the Rain, Compagnie XY. Photo © Joseph Gerard Photography.
    Blog: Arts and Culture

    After the Rain

    Part of the IWM 14-18 NOW Legacy Fund in partnership with Ulster University, 'After the Rain' was the culmination of over a years long engagement in Derry-Londonderry by the world renowned contemporary French circus troupe Compagnie XY. Rachel Melaugh, Creative Director of In Your Space Circus and producer for this project shares her reflections.
  • Old box containing many embroidered handkerchiefs
    © Lee Karen Stow
    Blog: First World War

    Unfolding Hankies

    In this guest blog post, Dr Lee Karen Stow shares insights into her new project. Unfolding her maternal grandmother Olive May Bertholini’s hankies, she also unfolds her story of war and, perhaps, of love. Hidden within these squares of delicate cotton and silk, and striped gents hankies, are memories and clues to what she and others went through during the two world wars.
  • Naval officer cadets learn how to operate Asdic sound locator equipment during instruction in anti-submarine warfare at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth in 1959.
    © IWM (TR 9577)

    Lifesavers: How conflict innovation can build a better world

    Lifesavers is a project at Imperial War Museums, to discover the fascinating objects and stories relating to science and technology held in the museums’ collections. Generously sponsored by Lloyd’s Register Foundation, Lifesavers aims to discover how conflict has accelerated innovation, and how this has impacted on the world we live in today.
  • Image of cut out sculptures of buildings casting shadows on wall
    Somewhere to Stay, Diana Forster. Photo © Ed Broughton
    Blog: Arts and Culture

    Somewhere to Stay

    Part of the IWM 14-18 NOW Legacy Fund, 'Somewhere to Stay' tells the story of Anna Sokulska Forster, the artist's mother, who was deported from her family home in eastern Poland (now Ukraine) and transported to a Soviet labour camp in Arkhangelsk. This was the start of a long journey of survival and ongoing displacement that would see her travel thousands of miles, from Arkhangelsk, to Uzbekistan, Iran, Tanzania, and finally the UK.
  • (Left) Portrait of Mabel Wulff, nee Phillips; (Right) Mabel and her husband Max Wulff
    Courtesy of Eddie Wulff and family
    Blog: First World War

    Two countries, two wars: the story of Mabel Wulff, BEM

    Research has been undertaken into the story of Mabel Wulff, who born in Newport in Wales but lived for many years in Germany. In this blog post, Madeleine Resühr and Andrew Hemmings share details of Mabel's extraordinary life, which spanned the two world wars and beyond.
  • Title screen for Sunken Warships: Secrets from the Deep
    Blog: Film

    The Joy of the Archive Jigsaw

    Jason Davidson, producer/director and co-owner of the award winning production company Squeaky Pedal, shares his reflections on exploring the IWM film archive for a new TV series entitled Sunken Warships: Secrets from the Deep.
  • Five works of art hang under purple hued light, with woman standing in front.
    Arafa Gouda with her artwork من السكون الي الإلهام: (From Stillness to Inspiration) acrylic on calico fabric. Photo © Lee Karen Stow
    Blog: Arts and Culture

    Reflections on Tomorrow

    In 2023, five women artists who survived war, conflict and persecution, came together as visual artists to present Tomorrow, a multi-media, studio exhibition. Developed as an IWM 14-18 NOW Legacy Fund commission in partnership with the Freedom Festival, the exhibition is an individual and collective response to the concept of ‘tomorrow’ as an enduring reference to hope, belief and self-determination and a way of looking to the future, together.
  • Row of seven white headstones
    Photograph by Dr. Bruce A. Tocher
    Blog: Second World War

    Remembering Operation Freshman: Norway, 1942

    In July 1942, the British War Cabinet decided to try to destroy the heavy water production facilities at the Norsk Hydro factory at Vemork, Norway - this was code-named Operation Freshman. Guest author Dr. Bruce A. Tocher shares his research into this operation, and efforts to trace descendants of those involved.
  • Pilot standing in front of aircraft
    Australian War Memorial AWM2019.22.303
    Blog: Australia

    Aqaba, the Arab Revolt and Australia

    The Emir Feisal’s victory in taking Aqaba in July 1917 was of considerable strategic significance to the outcome of the First World War. The holding of Aqaba was, however, in the challenging days of 1917, not guaranteed. In this blog post, guest author James P. Brew shares his research into the role of Australian servicemen in this theatre of war.
  • Stitching into the printed map of Radom
    Laura Nathan
    Blog: Holocaust

    Engaging With Inherited Archives

    Laura Nathan is a contemporary textiles artist and through the support of an Arts Council England artist development grant (DYCP), she is currently exploring family archives surrounding her grandparents’ Holocaust narratives. In this blog post, Laura shares her reflections on the project.
  • a prisoner sitting at a desk, looking thoughtful
    © IWM Q102928
    Blog: Home Front

    Conscription and reform of the British penal system

    When the British government introduced conscription in 1916, no-one anticipated that this would lead to large numbers of conscientious objectors (COs) being held in civilian prisons, much less that it would have significant consequences for prison reform. In this post, Dr Frances Hurd shares her research into this topic.
  • Projection of a man lying on a floor
    Photo Bartosz Górka

    Finding an artist for the IWM 14-18 NOW Legacy Fund

    In summer 2023, Imperial War Museums (IWM) worked with Art School Plus and The Brickworks Museum to offer an exciting commissioning opportunity to an early-career artist as part of the IWM 14-18 NOW Legacy Fund. The programme supports more than 20 cultural organisations from across the UK to commission ambitious new artworks inspired by the heritage of conflict, created by world-leading and emerging contemporary artists.