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    IWM First World War Exhibitions – Then and Now

    The description ‘permanent exhibitions’ is perhaps misleading for our main displays, since it is not the exhibitions which we regard as permanent but rather their themes and content
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    Uncovering Budapest's Hospital in the Rock

    Research Manager at IWM London, Emily Peirson-Webber, describes the history of Budapest's Hospital in the Rock after a recent trip to the Hugarian capital.
  • Blog: Collaborative Doctoral Awards (PhD)

    Guest Post: Tracing the Leningrad Siege

    Visiting researcher, Dr YvonnePörzgen, writes about uncovering stories ofthe Siege of Leningrad in IWM's collections.
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    Play Up! Play Up! And Play The Game! Football and the First World War

    During this World Cup year, it is worth reflecting on the role of football and sport in general during the First World War. Local football teams volunteered as pals’ battalions, most famously the 17th Service Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment, also known as the Football Battalion.
  • Blog: BBC Monitoring Reports

    Guest Post: ‘The Ear of Britain’: Openness and the BBC Monitoring Service

    Former IWM Collaborative Doctoral Award Student, Laura Johnson, describes her exciting research into the BBC Monitoring Service.
  • Blog: Collaborative Doctoral Awards (PhD)

    Cataloguing prisoner of war collections

    IWM holds a vast collection of documents telling the stories of the men who were held captive by the Japanese during the Second World War.
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    Guest Post: Secret Warriors

    Our guest blogger Taylor Downing is a historian and writer. His latest book, Secret Warriors: Key Scientists, Code Breakers and Propagandists of the Great War will be published by Little, Brown on 1 May 2014.
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    International Exchange: Goethe Institut Residency in Bremen

    From October to November last year I took time out from my research at IWM to undertake a residency in the German town of Bremen to take part in the Goethe Institut ‘Scholars in Residence’ programme.
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    The World During the First World War

    One of IWM's new Collaborative Doctoral Award Students, Anna Maguire, describes an inspiring recent conference on the global impact of the First World War.
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    Guest post: The Fortieth Anniversary of The World at War

    Our guest blogger Taylor Downing is a historian and writer whose best selling books include works on the Second World War as well as other popular histories.
  • Blog: Remembrance

    Guest Post: D-Day Veterans and Commemoration in Britain

    Our guest blogger, Greg Tinker, conducted his doctoral research on cultural memory and the Second World War. Studying for his PhD at the University of Reading, he explored the relationship between British veterans and remembrance. Here he describes some of the findings of his thesis.
  • Blog: Collaborative Doctoral Awards (PhD)

    Memory, Conflict and Space

    Sunny Liverpool played host to the Memory, Conflict and Space conference that gave three of the Collaborative Doctoral Award students at IWM the chance to present together as part of a panel on aspects of representation and memory in the museum’s collections.