John Lorimer
Contemporary conflict
Afghanistan And The British Military
In spring 2014, IWM staff visited Afghanistan as part of IWM's Contemporary Conflicts Programme. In the individual accounts presented here, senior Army officers reflect on how the war in Afghanistan has affected the British military.
Corporal Andy Reid
Contemporary conflict
Journey of a Wounded Soldier
Wounded soldiers today have a far better chance of surviving serious injury than their counterparts in previous conflicts.
First World War
The Women War Workers Of The North-West
The First World War was fought on a huge industrial scale. Munitions were needed in vast quantities to feed the guns and a variety of products were required to supply both military and civilian needs.
First World War
Whizz Bangs And Wind-Ups: 10 Tommy Slang Terms
During the First World War, British soldiers used language in inventive and often humorous ways. The words and phrases they used reflected everything from the dull routines of service to the traumas of front line action, often tinged with characteristic black humour and irony. Here are ten of the thousands of slang terms widely used by British soldiers between 1914 and 1918.
The first official photograph of a tank going into action at the Battle of Flers-Courcelette, 15 September 1916
© IWM (Q 2488)
First World War
How Britain Invented The Tank In The First World War
The concept of a vehicle to provide troops with both mobile protection and firepower was not a new one. But in the First World War, the increasing availability of the internal combustion engine, armour plate and the continuous track, as well as the problem of trench warfare, combined to facilitate the production of the tank.
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