Look out for more exciting additions to our Flying List* in the months ahead!

Confirmed so far:

  • AeroSuperBatics Wingwalkers
  • The Blades
  • The Red Arrows (Flypast, Saturday only)
  • Avro Lancaster (Saturday only)
  • RAF Falcons
  • North American TF-51D Mustang 'Contrary Mary'
  • Republic P-47D Thunderbolt
  • B-17G Flying Fortress 'Sally B'
  • Black Cats Helicopter Display Team
  • Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15UTI
  • de Havilland Vampire FB.5
  • Bremont Great War Display Team
  • RAF Grob Tutor Display Team
  • Stichting Fokker Four
  • Jet Pitts - Muscle Biplane
  • Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina
  • Strikemaster Pair
  • Gyro Air Displays (RotorSport Calidus)
  • Team Raven

*Our final line up for Duxford Summer Air Show is subject to change. All confirmed flying is subject to weather and serviceability on the day.

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Expect to see:

Aerosuperbatics wingwalkers at Duxford Air Festival 2018
AeroSuperBatics Wingwalkers
The pure adrenaline experience of the world's only aerobatic formation wingwalking team.
The Blades pair with smoke
The Blades
The Blades Aerobatic Team is renowned worldwide for flying precision close-formation aerobatics to the highest level during their dynamic and cutting-edge display.
Red Arrows at Battle of Britain Air Show 2018
The Red Arrows (Flypast, Saturday only)
The Royal Air Force Aerobatics Team, the Red Arrows, are one of the world's premier aerobatic display teams.
Avro Lancaster at Duxford Air Shows
Avro Lancaster (Saturday only)
Don't miss the chance to witness the moving sight and sound of the Avro Lancaster. The RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. In commemoration of those who have fallen in the service of this country “Lest We Forget”.
45147929 CROWN COPYRIGHT Parachutists from the Royal Air Force's Falcons Display Team, drift gently back to terra firma back to terra firma following a display
RAF Falcons
The Falcons are the UK’s premier military parachute display team. Witness their exciting free fall display and famous 'canopy stack' manoeuvre!
B-17 inflight against a blue sky and white cloud
B-17G Flying Fortress 'Sally B'
The last remaining airworthy B-17 in Europe, 'Sally B' is a testament to the efforts of those who support her and a flying memorial to the thousands of young Americans who gave their lives during the Second World War.
P-51 Mustang taxiing
North American TF-51D Mustang 'Contrary Mary'
Now presented in the colours of the 78th Fighter Group, this Mustang originally flew with the USAF in Korea and the National Air Guard. The fighter has been converted to accommodate a second seat.
P-47D Thunderbolt in flight
Republic P-47D Thunderbolt
Known as 'the Jug', P-47 Thunderbolts of the USAAF 78th Fighter Group flew from RAF Duxford in support of the D-Day invasions in June 1944.
Jet Pitts, Muscle Biplane
Jet Pitts - Muscle Biplane
Get ready to hold on to your stomach with the Muscle Biplane! High energy aerobatics that epitomises Duxford Summer Air Show!
The Black Cats Helicopter Display Team in flight
Black Cats Helicopter Display Team
The Black Cats are the official display team of the Royal Navy. Exciting and dynamic, they use the latest generation, multi-role helicopter, the AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat.
Se5a in flight
Bremont Great War Display Team
The Bremont Great War Display Team fly replica First World War aircraft, showcasing how aircraft were flown during the Great War over the trenches of Northern France and Belgium.
RAF Grob Tutor T1 in flight
RAF Grob Tutor Display Team
The Tutor T.Mk 1 is the current elementary flying training aircraft used by the Royal Air Force. It provides flying instruction to university students and air experience flying to the Air Cadet organisation.
Stichting Fokker Four
Stichting Fokker Four
The stylish and spectacular show from Fokker Four are widely known in The Netherlands. The team fly the historic Fokker S-11 Instructor aircraft.
Catalina flying against  blue sky with clouds
Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina
The huge white Catalina is set to grace the skies over IWM Duxford. A family favourite, it was one of the most successful aircraft of its kind ever built.
Vampire jet in flight
Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron
See two classic jets in the sky together. The de Havilland Vampire, Norway’s first jet fighter and the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15UTI.
The Strikemaster Pair against a blue sky at Duxford Air Shows
Strikemaster Pair
The BAC 167 Strikemaster was a development of the Jet Provost and used as a light attack aircraft. The team fly as a pair showcasing the jets low altitude performance.
Gyro copter in flight
Gyro Air Displays (RotorSport Calidus)
Fun, exciting, exhilarating. Witness something very different in the sky at Duxford Summer Air Show!
Team Raven flying in formation
Team Raven
Team Raven fly a formation aerobatic display in their home-built RV8 performance aircraft.