Enjoy history-packed entertainment before the emotive flying display fills the afternoon sky with the sights and sounds of warbirds and the thrill of Merlin engines.



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Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show Map 2021

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From living history groups and military vehicles, to classic 1940’s music and dance -  we’ll set the scene for a great day out.

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Step Back in Time

Tail End Charlies group over a plotting table
Tail End Charlies (Red Zone)
The Tail End Charlies celebrate the history of the RAF 1918-1955. They will be showcasing the history of the Air Transport Auxiliary, and telling the story of the organisation and the men and women that served in it.
Man dressed in RAF 14 Group Royal Observer Corps dress holding binoculars and facing the camera
WW2 Observer Post (Green Zone)
See an exact replica of an observer post used in Essex during the Second World War with 14 Group Royal Observer Corps.
Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show 2019 - Spirit of Britain stand in front of aircraft, Saturday 21 September
19 Squadron (Green Zone)
Spirit of Britain portray the life and roles of 19 Squadron, based at RAF Duxford during the Battle of Britain.
US Crews pose with there historic artefacts on display at IWM Duxford
USAAF Bomber Airfield Crew (Green Zone)
The U.S. Army Air Forces Aviation Armorers & Mechanics Display team portray the work of the Armorers, Mechanics & Ground Crew, found at any USAAF Fighter or Bomber Airfield in England, during the Second World War.
Sweatin’ Out The Mission Living History Group
U.S. Army Air Forces (Green Zone)
Meet Sweatin’ Out The Mission, the group dedicated to showcasing both male and female personnel of the U.S. Army Air Forces who served in the European Theatre of Operations, both in the air and on the ground, during the Second World War.
Costumed soldiers in a line
Home Front Life (Green Zone)
Meet Civil Defenders, re-creating home front life during the Second World War. The team will bring the spirit, humour, and atmosphere of the period to life with amazing authenticity. Keep an eye out for them on their classic bicycles around site!

Virtual Treasure Hunt App

Duxford Air Show Virtual Treasure Hunt App

Virtual Treasure Hunt App

By simply downloading a free app onto your smart phone or tablet, anybody can take part in our virtual hunt around the exhibitions. Based around the Battle of Britain all questions will get you, your partner or group searching for specific artefacts around the site. At each hot spot, you'll be asked to answer a question to release the next clue. Download the app from your usual app store before the day and join in the fun! 

From music and dance lessons to big band sounds and record-playing DJs, get ready to party like it is 1940!

Music & Dance

Perfect Vintage at Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show
Vintage Entertainment (Green Zone)
 join Perfect Vintage as they sing all the classic songs from times gone by. Perfect Vintage will be performing four 30-min sets of 1940s classics each day to get the toes tapping and moods lifted!
The Vintage Gramophone DJ at Duxford Air Show
Vintage DJ (Green Zone)
With an impressive collection of 78 rpm records or 'shellacs' and a pair of vintage HMV gramophones, The Gramophone DJ will be creating the party mood! Hear music from the dance bands of the early 1920's, Jazz and Swing eras to the dawn of Rock and Roll.
The Debonaires at Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show
Big Band Sounds (Green Zone)
The Debonaires perform the popular music of the jazz era including Gatsby, classic Broadway & Hollywood. From the energy of the roaring 20’s, the determination of the 30’s, the defiance of the 40’s and the glamour of the 50’s.
Crowd enjoying the showground entertainment at Battle of Britain Air Show
Lindy Hopping (Green Zone)
Join the Cambridge Swing Dance troupe in a Lindy Hop and free style 1940s dancing session, whilst enjoying the big band sounds!

Get the Look

 Pretty Me Vintage at Duxford Air Shows

Get the Look

Powder, Pincurls, Perfection! Our friends at Pretty Me Vintage (Green Zone) are on hand to help with your 40's look.

Visit the team (Green Zone) on arrival to book your makeover appointment. Charges do apply, ranging from £10 for Victory rolls to £20 for a full hair do.

For inspiration before the day,  check out IWM’s collections to help you get the look this September.


  • Flightline Walk
    Flightline Walk

    Experience the VIP treatment by seeing the aircraft up close before the show, including photographic opportunities with the pilots. This year the Flightline Experience is included in your ticket price. 

  • Man in retro dress inside a crazy golf entrance booth
    The Crazy Golf Company
    The Crazy Golf Company (Blue Zone)

    Whether you just want a friendly round or to tally up the scores for a bit of competition, The Crazy Golf Company’s 9-hole course will be a hit with the whole family! £3 per person.

  • Bloomberg Connects at IWM Duxford
    IWM Duxford Guide

    Explore the Battle of Britain hangar and the Ops Block with Bloomberg Connects. Download the app and access curator introductions to our new exhibitions and take a deeper dive into some of the key moments of the Battle of Britain. On your visit to IWM Duxford, look out for numbers next to selected items on display to explore the stories further.

Military Showcases

The Royal Anglian Regiment at Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show
Royal Anglian Museum (Red Zone)
Meet the Royal Anglian Museum showcasing equipment used during the war from uniforms to foods that were rationed and fun activities for all ages. Especially for children, pick up the free kids trail aimed at 5+ visitors and get your special sticker when you complete your mission.
Make your own Parachute laying on the flag of the the Airborne Forces
Airborne Assault Museum (Blue Zone)
Meet the team from the Airborne Assault Museum, including a serving Para Sniper who will explain optics, distance, ballistics and chat about his service. See paratrooper equipment from over the years and soldier’s food rations during the war. Plus for children, build your own paratrooper to take home with you
Apache attack helicopter with crew
6 Regiment Army Air Corps (Blue Zone)
Meet serving members of 6 Regiment and find out about their experiences in the military whilst viewing their display of various pieces of kit and equipment.
First World War Static Aircraft Display at Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show
First World War Aircraft (Blue Zone)
Explore a static display of First World War aircraft and talk to the team from Vintage Flying responsible for their care and conservation.

Civilian Aviation

VC-10 of the Duxford Aircraft Society and a ticket booth
Commercial Airliners (Blue & Green Zones)
The commercial airliners from Duxford Aviation Society/The British Airliner Collection will be open to the public from 09:00 – 17:00 on the Saturday and Sunday of the show. Meet the volunteers from the Duxford Aviation Society and visit their shop to support their important work.
Model flying group
British Model Flying (Red Zone)
Join the team from the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) and find out about their work promoting the sport of model flying. See the Model Vulcan engine demonstration and some of the typical model aircraft used. Plus experience the flight simulator trainer.

Meet the Volunteers

Volunteer Norma in action

Meet the Volunteers

Come and meet our IWM volunteers. Listen to our historic topic ‘Dazzle Talks’ and learn more about volunteering at IWM from those who already do!

  • D-Day, Duxford & 78th Fighter Group
  • Battle of Britain in Numbers
  • Reggie Brie: My Part in Hitler's Downfall
  • The First Hijack
  • WWII US Fighters at Duxford
  • Story of B17-G 'Reluctant Dragon'

  • D-Day, Duxford & 78th Fighter Group

    Battle of Britain Exhibition (Green zone)

    Saturday 18 September

  • Battle of Britain in Numbers

    Battle of Britain Exhibition (Green zone)

    Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 September

  • Reggie Brie: My Part in Hitler's Downfall

    Battle of Britain Exhibition (Green zone)

    Sunday 19 September

  • The First Hijack

    Flying Aircraft (Blue zone)

    Sunday 19 September

  • WWII US Fighters at Duxford

    American Air Museum (Red zone)

    Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 September

  • Story of B17-G 'Reluctant Dragon'

    American Air Museum (Red zone)

    Sunday 19 September

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