Enjoy history-packed entertainment before the emotive flying display fills the afternoon sky with the sights and sounds of warbirds and the thrill of Merlin engines.

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Step Back in Time

Man dressed in RAF 14 Group Royal Observer Corps dress holding binoculars and facing the camera
14 Royal Observer Corps
See an exact replica of an observer post used in Essex during the Second World War with 14 Group Royal Observer Corps.
US Crews pose with there historic artefacts on display at IWM Duxford
USAAF Aviation Armorers & Mechanics Display
The U.S. Army Air Forces Aviation Armorers & Mechanics Display team portray the work of the Armorers, Mechanics & Ground Crew, found at any USAAF Fighter or Bomber Airfield in England, during the Second World War. Expect to see military trucks and hardware used by these forces during wartime.
Sweatin’ Out The Mission Living History Group
U.S. Army Air Forces of the ETO
Meet Sweatin’ Out The Mission, the group dedicated to showcasing both male and female personnel of the U.S. Army Air Forces who served in the European Theatre of Operations (ETO), both in the air and on the ground, during the Second World War.

1940s Entertainment

1940s Entertainment

Get the look! IWM’s collections will inspire you to dress up and step back in time this September. Enjoy our tutorials to perfect your victory roll, practice your 1940s pout and get advice on your vintage clothes from living history group, Spirit of Britain.

From big band sounds to a record-playing DJ, get ready to party like it is 1940!

Music & Dance

The Vintage Gramophone DJ at Duxford Air Show
Gramophone DJ
With an impressive collection of 78 rpm records or 'shellacs' and a pair of vintage HMV gramophones, The Gramophone DJ will be creating the party mood! Hear music from the dance bands of the early 1920's, Jazz and Swing eras to the dawn of Rock and Roll.

Military Showcases

The Royal Anglian Regiment at Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show
Royal Anglian Museum
Meet the Royal Anglian Museum showcasing equipment used during the war from uniforms to foods that were rationed and fun activities for all ages.
Apache attack helicopter with crew
6 Regiment Army Air Corps
Meet serving members of 6 Regiment and find out about their experiences in the military whilst viewing their display of various pieces of kit and equipment.