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First World War

Behind the Voices

© IWM (Q 9576). French civilians feting British soldiers in the Grande Place of Lille, 18 October 1918.

Find out more about the individuals who tell their stories of Armistice Day 1918 in I Was There: Room of Voices and explore the oral histories in IWM's collection. 

First World War, Women in Wartime

‘I thought it was another air raid’

Caroline Rennles 566 TS

Caroline Rennles spent the war working in munitions factories. For four years, she worked long hours, doing hard and sometimes dangerous work. 

When peace finally arrived in November 1918, it came as a surprise to her - and at the same time as a terrible personal tragedy.

More personal stories

Wilfred Ernest Littleboy 485 PH
First World War

‘And on Armistice Day, the band turned out’

Wilfred Littleboy never forgot Armistice Day 1918 and the song that signaled that the First World War was over. 

Portrait of Dolly Shepherd Q 98454
First World War

‘We wept because the silence was so awful’

Dolly Shepherd had earned a reputation as a daredevil before the First World War - but by the time Armistice Day 1918 arrived, she had demonstrated what women were capable of during war. 

Harold Boughton 8667 TS
First World War

‘There was a lot of talk, and a talk of land fit for heroes to live in’

Harold Boughton experienced the harsh conditions at Gallipoli but Armistice did mean an end of the challenges faced by millions adjusting to life after war.

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Voices of the First World War

Hear the men and women whose lives were shaped by the First World War tell their stories of the conflict in our podcast series, Voices of the First World War.