Learning Sessions

We will be piloting a small number of new learning sessions from April - July 2017 across our branches. If you'd like your class to help shape our future sessions during this time, please contact learning@iwm.org.uk to register your interest and we’ll be in touch with more information. Subject to availability.

We will be opening bookings for new sessions in July 2017.

Teacher evenings

As part of creating our new programme, we'd like to hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see for schools at IWM. If you'd like to register your interest in an evening of drinks and conversation about learning at your local IWM, please contact learning@iwm.org.uk and we'll be in touch with more information. Subject to availability.

  • Investigating The Collections. Students deepen their understanding of how political, economic and social change in Germany affected the people who lived there. They use artefacts and archive material to make links between individuals, groups and events.

  • Prior knowledge of the Holocaust is essential.
    Tour. Through looking at the artefacts on display and hearing personal stories, students gain an insight into the impact of the Holocaust on survivors and their families.

  • A series of trails have been created to help your students explore IWM North. Our trails encourage your students to look closely at some key items on display linked to a particular theme.

  • Explore displays on the First and Second World War themes such as the Blitz, evacuation, life on the home front, rationing and trench warfare. Discover more about the inter-war period, the Cold War and modern conflict.

  • How can museum collections show us what happened in the past? These sessions are designed to show teachers how we can learn about history by exploring source material and personal stories.

Groups and Schools

We offer a range of activities, discovery trials and self-guided tours for visiting groups and schools.

The Big Picture Show

Check the screening times of our immersive Big Picture Show, which brings to life people's experiences of war.