Group Visits

  • An introduction to the architecture of Daniel Libeskind’s iconic building and the history of Trafford Park.

  • Explore the impact of the First World War by examining artefacts and archive material linked to themes such as life in the trenches, the Eastern and Western Fronts, and the role of women.

  • How do we learn about history? Examine different types of evidence, including objects from our collection, to uncover the stories of four people whose lives were affected by conflict.

  • Explore the themes of air raids, blackout and civil defence by examining genuine and replica artefacts in this gallery-based handling activity.

  • Learn about rationing and discover its impact on home front life during the Second World War. This gallery-based object handling session is ideal for smaller groups.

  • Discover what life was like for soldiers in the First World War trenches by examining real objects and hearing personal stories. This gallery-based session is ideal for smaller groups.

  • Explore displays on the First and Second World War themes such as the Blitz, evacuation, life on the home front, rationing and trench warfare. Discover more about the inter-war period, the Cold War and modern conflict.

First World War

From soldiers’ favourite slang words to stunning aerial artwork, learn some surprising facts about the First World War.

The Big Picture Show

Check the screening times of our immersive Big Picture Show, which brings to life people's experiences of war.