This revealing exhibition provides a snapshot of this pivotal point in Afghanistan's history through the voices and experiences of British troops, members of the Afghan National Security Forces and UK government and NGO workers.

A new video installation by Turner Prize-nominated artists Jane and Louise Wilson. Undead Sun is on display for the first time, commissioned to mark the Centenary of the First World War.

Explore our dramatic new atrium, designed by Fosters + Partners. History Makers
Discover people’s stories of modern war and conflict through some of the more unexpected objects from our collections. History Makers
Explore key moments of the Second World War through the connections between people’s lives and the objects on display. Second World War
The largest British First World War art exhibition for almost 100 years. Until 8 March 2015. Free entry.
Discover how conflicts have been fought and communities divided in places such as Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan from 1945 to the present day. History Makers
Discover the story of the First World War through the lives of those who experienced it both on the front line and at home. Free admission.
Horrible Histories®: Spies brings the horrible history of Second World War spies and their secret schemes to life, based on Terry Deary’s book from the bestselling Horrible Histories® series. Until 4 January 2015.
This free exhibition tells the story of how ordinary people braved the challenges of life at home during the Second World War through the eyes of the Allpress family, who lived in Stockwell, London. Second World War