What to See

In AirSpace you can get up-close to some of the most famous aircraft in the world, including the Lancaster, Spitfire, Concorde and Vulcan.


The Operations Room was the nerve centre of Duxford’s Battle of Britain. From here the men and women who worked on the ground at Duxford directed the station’s pilots into combat.


The Battle of Britain Anniversary Air Show commemorates the 75th anniversary of this famous aerial battle.

The Flying Legends Air Show is world-famous for its unique presentations of historic piston-engined aircraft in rare combinations. Experience the ‘wow!’ factor and enjoy the authentic 1940s atmosphere.

Our flying display honours the Allied forces, from across the world, who contributed towards victory in Europe.  Across the museum, we remember victory on the home front and pay tribute to the people who endured the Second World War.


Historic Duxford is an exhibition and site trail for families which explores Duxford's time as an RAF airfield from 1918 to 1961.
From the awesome artillery barrages of the First World War to the high-speed conflict of modern-day conflicts, Land Warfare charts how technological advances have changed the face of war.
Explore the two former RAF Type 2 hangars where some of the privately-owned historic aircraft are restored, maintained and prepared for flight.
A team of dedicated staff and volunteers at IWM Duxford care for hundreds of our unique exhibits. Much of this vital work is carried out in full view of visitors.
Battle of Britain looks at this pivotal moment in Britain’s history as well as considering air defence of the UK during the First World War and Cold War.