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  • Conscientious Objectors

    (General Information)

    Men and women could refuse to be conscripted on grounds of conscience. There are no central records for Conscientious Objectors but the Peace Pledge Union is compiling a database of every known Conscientious Objector. There is also a useful CO Project...

  • Peacemaking 1918-1919


    On 11 November 1918, an armistice came into effect, ending the war in Western Europe – but this did not mean the return of peace. The armistice was effectively a German surrender, as its conditions ended any possibility of Germany continuing the war...

  • Ireland Post-1990


    The conflict in Northern Ireland has bordered on undeclared civil war since 'The Troubles' of the 1960s. After decades of violent sectarian unrest, political and religious, by the end of the twentieth century, Ireland seemed to be on the road...

  • Armistice


    In the autumn of 1918 the Central Powers were exhausted. Their armies were defeated and their hungry citizens were beginning to rebel. As early as 29 September Ludendorff decided that a cessation of hostilities must be sought. The need became more...

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  • Lost Voices of the RAF

    (Second World War, Aviation Gifts & Books, View All Books, Historic Duxford)

    Gripping eyewitness stories from eighty years of British flying in war and peace. This moving collection of first-hand accounts of life in the Royal Air Force spans the period  from 1918 to the present day. Max Arthur (Author) Pub Date: 11 Aug 2005...

  • A Million Bullets

    (Contemporary Conflict, View All Books)

    In April 2006 a small British peace-keeping force was sent to Helmand province in southern Afghanistan. Within weeks they were cut off and besieged by some of the world's toughest fighters: the infamous Taliban, who were determined to send the...

  • London 1917-18 - The Bomber Blitz

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    On a sunny May afternoon in 1917, the peace of an English seaside town was shattered when a flight of German Gotha bombers appeared without warning. Twenty-three Gothas had set out to attack London in this first bomber raid, but heavy cloud forced them...

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  • poppy

    (souvenirs and ephemera)

    This white poppy (or 'peace poppy') was issued pre-1939 by the Peace Pledge Union and belonged to Ms A E Wood who was a conscientious objector. Her Conscientious Objector's tribunal statement and registration card are held in the...

  • THE KOREAN WAR 1950 - 1953


    The engine of the "Peace Train" at Munsan-ni railway station. This static train was the home of UN war correspondents covering the Peace Talks at Panmunjeom.



    Their Royal highnesses the Prince of Wales and the Prince Albert land at Cadogan Pier during the Peace Celebrations, 1919.

  • Dove of Peace


    image: a large stylised dove of peace, holding an olive branch in its beak, swoops over the British mainland.

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  • The Battle of Britain « 1940 Britain's Finest Hour

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