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  • Medal Records

    (General Information)

    Records of campaign and gallantry awards and available citations for the world wars are lodged with TNA.  Records relating to First and Second World War campaign medals can be viewed at

  • Medal Records

    (General Information)

    First World War Medal Index Cards are useful because this is the most complete listing of all those who served in the Army between 1914 - 1918. However, it only includes soldiers who served overseas. Officers were not automatically issued with medals -...

  • First World War: New Perspectives

    (Learning session)

    Session Outline Students investigate a lesser known aspect of the First World War through IWM's Collections. They then apply their research by selecting material to produce a mini exhibition on the topic. Skills Sifting and assessing...

  • Medal Records

    (General Information)

    Campaign medals are those given to airmen involved in a particular theatre of war within given dates. The First World War Medal Roll, held at TNA, provides a listing of all those who qualified for the 1914 Star, 1914/15 Star, British War Medal,...

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  • Posters of the First World War calendar 2015

    (Posters & Prints, View All First World War, Calendars & Diaries, View All Stationery)

    This calendar featuring IWM's poster collection brings together a selection of posters from early in the First World War. Includes posters encouraging men to join the army to those reminding civilians not to buy new clothes unnecessarily....

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