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  • Airfix RAF Battle of Britain Airfield Set 1/76

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    The image of the RAF pilot scrambling for another mission in the summer of 1940 can be modelled into a superb scene with this collection. Contents Supermarine Spitfire Mk1a RAF Refueling Set Model Kit RAF Personnel 12 x Acrylic Paints Glue 2...

  • Revell Concorde British Airways Gift Set

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    All seven jets of the BA Concorde fleet ended up in museums or as static exhibits at airports. This kit captures the last journey of Concorde BOAD on 10th November 2003 from Heathrow to New York's JFK Airport. Model contents: Concorde BOAD...

  • Rationing Coin Set

    (Rationing, View All Second World War)

    In Britain during WWII the government set up various agencies and ministries to direct the war effort. These bodies controlled factory production, limited price increases, censored newspapers and newsreels and set up rationing schemes to distribute...

  • Panther vs Sherman

    (Second World War, View All Books)

    A fascinating comparison between the two most important tanks involved in the crucial fighting of 1944, the American Sherman and the German Panther. A compelling account of the ferocious fighting during the Battle of the Bulge to explain the successes...