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  • Churchill War Rooms Guidebook

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    The Cabinet War Rooms provided the secret underground headquarters for the core of the British government throughout the Second World War. This fascinating book contains all the facts about the Cabinet War Rooms and the Churchill Museum, now known as...

  • The First World War (Photos)

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    Mostly from the British perspective this title uses over 350 photographs to tell the story of the First World War. The photographs are from the archives of the Daily Mirror, Sunday mirror, People, Daily Record, and Daily Herald. Paperback  300 pages

  • Pinhole camera kit

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    Explore how a tiny pinhole captures light to produce photos by a camera that has no lens or digital transmission. It is the most unusual photo taking device and while it might not take the best photos in the world it takes the most interesting ones...

  • Great War Fashion

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    Great War Fashion follows the revolution in women's lives and aspirations during the second decade of the 20th Century, as reflected in costume and appearance. Lavishly illustrated with many photos from the era. Hardback  224 pages

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  • IWM War Story Blog

    IWM War Story Blog Home What we’re collecting Afghanistan in Context IWM War Story Blog Imperial War Museum project to encourage servicemen and women to record their personal stories relating to contemporary conflict Feeds: Posts Comments About War Story...

  • 1940 Britain's Finest Hour

    1940 Britain's Finest Hour Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duty and so bear ourselves that if the British Commonwealth and Empire lasts for a thousand years, men will still say “This was their finest hour” Winston Churchill 1940 was Britain’...

  • Historic Duxford | Historic Duxford is a new exhibition at IWM Duxford, which will tell the story of

    Historic Duxford | Historic Duxford is a new exhibition at IWM Duxford, which will tell the story of this famous RAF station Home About IWM Duxford Tell us what you think By: Carl 02-03-2011 Exhibition development 4 comments I’m Carl, Duxford’s...

  • IWM Blogs | Imperial War Museum Blogs and Projects

    IWM Blogs | Imperial War Museum Blogs and Projects War Story Project 02-04-2011 Working in co-operation with the Ministry of Defence, the Imperial War Museum will support participants to add information to existing new media channels such as blogs and...