'The Whose Remembrance? project has been crucial in filling the gap in history that has overlooked the contribution of colonial troops in both world wars.'

Diane Abbott MP

IWM led a series of public screenings of the Whose Remembrance? film including at the UK Houses of Parliament, IWM North in Trafford, King's College London, The Tomlinson Centre in Hackney, London, in partnership with Hackney Council and the Black and Ethnic Minority Arts Network (BEMA), the University of Bedfordshire in partnership with Luton Culture and the Whitechapel Idea Store in London. The film was also shown at events led by the Alliance Française de Dhaka in Bangladesh, the Heritage Lottery Fund at the V&A Museum in London, the United Service Institution of India in New Delhi, and at the 2014 Ginsberg Film Festival in South Africa. Copies of the film were circulated to many different community and governmental organisations, libraries, museums and archives, to enable them to conduct their own screenings.