Official Selection 2017


A Letter to Auschwitz
Melissa Varela

 A War to End No Wars
Ruth Coggins

Beauty of a Stateless Mind
Lutia Swan-Hutton

Boy Soldiers: voices from the Great War
Mark Maxwell

Chronicles of a Migrant
Zena Assi

Deeds not Words: The Suffragette Surgeons of WW1
Alison Ramsey

Do not come to Europe*
Pontus Joneström, Minna Lundberg and Hanna Pousette

Escape from Disorder*
Nathalia Bell

Eyes in Qaah
Tamim Kalash

Fallen Leaves
Elliot Wallis

Carlos Cova

Fray Bentos
Callum Burn

Hitler Was My Neighbour
Tom Young

Horseshoe Theory*
Jonathan Daniel Brown

In Defense of the Rocket*
Martin Ginestié

Kitty’s Fortune
Sophie Shad, Adam Baroukh and Dalton Deverell

Philip Stevens

Aoife O'Kelly

On the Road to Relief*
Jake Graves

Peter Kennard – Unofficial War Artist*
Roland Denning

Road Through War*
Louie Palu

South Forest
Wenrui Huang

Simon Cross and Ian Tierney

The Box
Merve Cirisoglu Cotur

The Devil’s porridge in Gretna
Samuel Bowman

The Gentleman Next Door – The John Wilkinson Story
John Mollison

The invisible killer of World War I: Blast injury
Amanda Alfaro Córdoba

The Orange Story
Eugene Park and Erika Street Hopman

The Survivor*
Danial Afzal

The Victorious*
Chris Anstey

Through My Eyes: Hani’s Journey
Zahra Mackaoui

Tommy – Remembrance of the Dishonoured Casualties*
James Sieradzki

Stef de Hoog

War Log*
Ahmed Otham, Mustafa Abdullatif, Hesham Eiras, Abdul Sattar Alherek, Ahmed Kanjo, Yara Ibrahim and Hibato Allah Joumaa

Winter (L’Hiver)
Mario M. Maquedano

Writing the Peace
Alice Cooper

Yara’s Home
Emilie Baillargeon

*Please note that these films are unsuitable for children due to the nature of their content

Screenings will take place in the cinema at IWM London every day between Friday 17 and Sunday 26 November 2017.