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  • A Thomas

    WM Ref: 52174 Address: St Bartholomew's Church, Cooper's Terrace, Thornley in Easington, Easington, Durham, DH6 3DB, England

    Brass Plaque bearing the dedication in upper and lower case sans serif lettering

  • Tow Law Church WW1 Plaque (1st of 3 different plaques)

    WM Ref: 71404 Address: St Philip & St James Church, Church Lane, Tow Law, Wear Valley, Durham, DL13 4HE, England

    Stone Tablet , rectangular with raised centre top. The names are listed in three columns. The dates and sphere of service are in black, the names in red. All lettering is in Roman capitals throughout.

  • Paddock Wood WW1

    WM Ref: 71351 Address: Inside, on wall of south transept., St Andrews, Maidstone Road, Paddock Wood, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN12 6JJ, England

    The centre is divided into three panels, all with a tracery type top decoration. The centre panel has a cross dividing the two names columns. the outer panels a crown on a baton divides the two name columns which are in carved capital letters. There are...

  • St Ives Grammar School (lost)

    WM Ref: 355 Address: St Ives Grammar School, Ramsey Road, St Ives, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE27 5BZ, England

    Brass plaque in the dining hall.

  • Frank Chandler

    WM Ref: 5361 Address: Felixstowe Methodist Church, Seaton Rd, Felixstowe, Suffolk Coastal, Suffolk, IP11 9BT, England

    No description available

  • High Grange Mission (Hunwick)

    WM Ref: 71372 Address: High Grange Mission Hall, High Grange, Wear Valley, Durham, DL15 8BX, England

    Mission Hall.- The mission hall building was an Army Hut which had been used in a prisoner of war camp at Stanhope during the war. “The interior has been beautifully decorated and fitted up for religious purposes, and the whole of the work was...

  • Flight Lieutenant Andrew Jameson

    WM Ref: 71336 Address: Baptist Chapel, Saunders Road, Hamsterley, Teesdale, Durham, DL13 3QA, England

    Brass Plaque mounted on an oak pattress . Lettering is in Roman capitals.

  • St John's Presbyterian Church, also Zion Chapel WW1 Roll of Honour

    WM Ref: 426 Address: United Reformed Church, Off Highgate, Kendal, South Lakeland, Cumbria, LA9 4HE, England

    Three memorials- WW1 Roll of Honour (orginal location unknown)- Paper in glazed wooden frame in calligraphy WW2 Roll of Honour-Wooden Board with lettering inscribed in gold This ROLL OF HONOUR RELATES TO THOSE FROM THE ZION CHAPEL AND SUNDAY SCHOOL IN...

  • Kendal Presbyterian Church - WW1

    WM Ref: 425 Address: Kendal United Reformed Church, 104 Highgate, Kendal, South Lakeland, Cumbria, LA9 4HE, England

    Copper plaque in wooden frame.

  • Corporal J.H. Slee

    WM Ref: 67903 Address: St Mary the Virgin, Railway Street, Howden-le-Wear, Durham, Durham, DL15 8HQ, England

    Brass plaque on a wooden backboard with a raised latin cross in the top left hand corner and the badge of the Yorkshire Regiment of the Princess of Wales' Own in the right. The lettering is in black.