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Freemasons Hall,Great Queen St,Holborn,Camden,Greater London,WC2B 5AZ,England
OS Grid Ref.: TO 290 830
Denomination: Unknown


Shrine formed of a stained glass window with a bronze casket placed beneath it. It is flanked by two tapering columns and it stands on two steps which have two art deco style column lights placed at either side. The window is formed of nine coloured glass sections depicting Peace through Sacrifice. In the centre section is the figure of Peace holding a model of the tower facade of Freemason Hall. Figures flank her and below her are two winged angels standing with bowed heads and swords reversed. In the bottom left and right hand sections are service personnel. The casket sits on an Egyptian boat to represent the final voyage of the dead up the Nile. The prow of the boat can be seen going through a bed of reeds. Winged Seraphims with trumpets stand at the corners of the casket with four gilded figures of Moses the Law Giver, Joshua the Warrior High Priest, Soloman the Wise and St George of England on the front face. At the centre of the front is a roundel in which the Soul of Man rests in the hand of God. Set into the top of the casket behind a glazed aperture is a vellum scroll listing the names of the dead. It can be rolled forward or backward using a handle. Each name is arranged according to the Brother's Mother Lodge. At each corner of the aperture are placed kneeling bronze figures with heads bowed representing the four main services in which Brethren were engaged, namely the Royal Navy, the Army, the Royal Flying Corps and the Merchant Navy.


Window: 1914 1918 Casket: 1914 In God w trust 1918 Scroll: (Names)

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First World War (1914-1918)
Total names on memorial: 0
Served and returned: 0
Died: 0
Exact count: no
Information shown: Unknown
Order of information: Unknown


Condition: Good
Measurements: Unknown
Materials: Bronze
Listed?: No


Condition: Good
Measurements: Unknown
Materials: Bronze
Listed?: No


Condition: Good
Measurements: Unknown
Materials: Stained Glass
Listed?: No


Site: Unknown or N/A
Memorial: Unknown or N/A
Comments: None

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Purpose: Unknown or N/A


Unknown or N/A
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An hourly tour is offered free of charge. A leaflet entitled "Freemasons' Hall" gives more information, or Tel: 020 7831 9811

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