Friends of IWM

The Society of Friends of Imperial War Museums (Friends of IWM) is a charity that aims to advance the education of the public by providing support to the IWM. Founded in 1986, we are currently governed by a separate Council of Management and funded by sales of annual membership fees. Traditionally IWM has supported the Friends in their charitable aims by providing facilities, expertise, membership benefits, and by facilitating sales of membership.

Over the past 18 months we have been in ongoing discussions with the Imperial War Museums (IWM) about the future of the existing charity and options for current members. While the original the proposal did receive a majority vote at our EGM in March, it did not receive the required two thirds of the vote share. As a result, the vote to transfer Friends of IWM to IWM was not carried forward.

As the IWM had already begun to transition the Friends of Duxford towards an IWM membership, IWM is continuing with the development of a new membership scheme that will incorporate all of their branches and intend on launching the new scheme in late 2017. We remain in ongoing discussions with staff and management at IWM in order to reach an agreement about how this will affect the relationship between Friends of IWM and the IWM. We also remain committed to working alongside IWM in order to ensure a smooth transition for our members.

Looking for Friends of Duxford? Enquiries: 01223 497255 / or click here for more information.



All Friends of IWM receive the following benefits:

  • Unlimited free entry to People Power: Fighting for Peace (IWM London), closes 28 August 2017
  • Unlimited free entry to Wyndham Lewis (IWM North), closes 1 January 2018
  • Free entry to IWM Duxford except on special event days and air shows
  • Unlimited free entry to Churchill War Rooms
  • Unlimited free entry to HMS Belfast
  • Despatches, our Members’ magazine, December Edition
  • Book exclusive Member events
  • A 10% discount in IWM’s shops, cafes and online shop


Friends of IWM Life time members will be given special status into the new IWM membership scheme, detail for which will be shared in due course. In the interim, all Life Member’s benefits will be safeguarded in their current form until August 2018.


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