Friends EGM

For the past 12 months, Imperial War Museums (IWM) has been in consultation with the Council of the Friends of the Imperial War Museums regarding the merger of the Friends programme with IWM. The Council and Patrons are in favour of supporting the merger and recommend a ‘Yes’ vote to all Friends at the EGM this  year.

In January 2017, the Friends team based at IWM sent a letter, covering letter and leaflet to all current Friends outlining why this proposal has been made and asking for support of the ‘Yes’ vote.

Friends members kindly contacted the team with questions and queries, which quickly formed a set of key FAQs. We have pulled together this feedback to show the types of questions and concerns Friends members have shared with IWM. 

Next Steps:

  • An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) will be held at IWM London at 6pm on 30 March 2017 where you will be asked to vote on the proposed transfer. We will be writing to all Friends and Members to inform them of the EGM. 
  • At this meeting Friends will be asked to vote on the proposed transfer. A voting form will be handed out at the EGM and you will then be asked to vote and voting slips will be collected. The outcome of the vote will be announced during the EGM.  
  • The Friends of IWM Constitution outlines that votes have to be placed in person at an EGM when voting to dissolve the Society (item 12). Therefore, Friends are only able to vote in person at the EGM.