Teaching with Objects: The Princess Mary Gift Box

This online CPD module has been created in partnership with First World War Centenary Battlefield Tours Programme

This online module is supported by a short video and a worksheet that will:

  • enable you to consider how this artefact can be used in the classroom
  • support you in developing an enquiry based lesson
  • develop your understanding of the history of the Princess Mary Gift Box
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    The film comprises of three sections, you will need to pause the film after each section to complete the tasks below, or alternatively you can download the worksheet.

    Section One: The History of the Princess Mary Gift Box...

    Task 1: Listen and make notes as Louise Macfarlane, Curator of the First World War Galleries at the IWM London, explains the story behind the gift box.

    Section 2: Using the Princess Mary gift box as a teaching tool

    Task 1: Having watched the first segment about the history of the gift box and its role in 1914. List as many ideas you can about what themes from the First World War could this box be used to introduce in the classroom?

    Task 2: Having noted down your own ideas, watch the second part of the film to hear how Nic Vanderpeet, Formal Learning Manager at IWM London and his team use the gift box to introduce different themes. Note down the themes.

    Section 3: Using the Princess Mary gift box in a classroom

    Task 1: Watch the segment in which Ed Lowis from Mildenhall College Academy talks about using the Princess Mary gift box as a teaching tool. What advantages does Ed feel there are for using artefacts in the classroom?

    Section 4: Planning an enquiry for your students using the Princess Mary gift box

    Task 1: Consider how you might create an enquiry based lesson or series of lessons based around a study of the Princess Mary Gift Box. The following prompts may help you gather your thoughts and ideas and to plan an enquiry for your students.

    - What questions or themes might your students consider?

    - What additional support will the students need?

    - What additional materials might they need?

    - How will this fit into your current scheme of learning?

    - How could other First World War artefacts be used as a starting point for enquiry based lessons?