Key Stage 2 Learning Sessions

  • Genuine and replica artefacts, sounds and smells help to tell the story of Flossie and Frank, two children living through the Second World War. One is evacuated; the other has to live with the Blitz.

  • Students explore replica and genuine artefacts from the First World War and use images and quotes to discuss themes including life in the trenches, the role of women and life on the home front.

  • Students explore the impact of the Second World War on people‚Äôs lives by examining artefacts and archive material linked to themes such as the Blitz, ARP, evacuation, social change, rationing and shipping.

  • This session encourages students to consider how we learn about history by exploring the personal stories of four local people linked to conflicts from the First and Second World Wars and the Iraq War 2003.

  • In this gallery-based handling activity, students explore the themes of air raids, blackout and civil defence by examining genuine and replica artefacts.

  • In this gallery-based activity, students learn the basic concept of rationing and the impact it had on society by handling genuine and replica artefacts.

  • In this gallery-based activity, students gain an understanding of what soldiers experienced in the First World War trenches by looking at genuine artefacts and hearing personal stories.

  • A series of trails have been created to help your students explore IWM North. Please download the ones you would like to use, print them and bring them with you.

  • Explore displays on First and Second World War themes such as the Blitz, evacuation, life on the home front, rationing and trench warfare. Studies of the inter-war period and modern conflict as well as cross-curricular subjects can also be enriched by a visit.

  • How can museum collections show us what happened in the past? These sessions are designed to show teachers how we can learn about history by exploring source material and personal stories.

Schools at IWM North

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