Key Stage 4 Learning Sessions


  • An image of British troops during the Battle of the Somme. First World War Creative Responses: Film

    Students work with The Battle of the Somme (1916), analysing the techniques used to make the film, the impact on audiences during the First World War, and how the film is useful as an historical source.

  • An image of a patient examining a plaster cast of his own faceFirst World War Creative Responses: Poetry

    Students use original artefacts and archive material from IWM’s collection to analyse Wilfred Owen’s poem “Disabled”. They use evidence to understand the historical context in which the poem was written and compare their conclusions to Owen’s interpretation of a disabled soldier’s life.

  • An image of the 20th Deccan Horse cavalry regimentFirst World War: New Perspectives

    Students investigate a lesser known aspect of the First World War through IWM's Collections. They then apply their research by selecting material to produce a mini exhibition on the topic.

  • An image of Junior members of the Hitler YouthSecond World War: Life in Nazi Germany

    Students investigate documents, film and sound to learn about the life of Werner Lehmann between1933 and 1939, and the wider context of life in Nazi Germany for a teenage boy.

  • An image of people using Aldwych tube station as an air raid shelterSecond World War: Personal Perspectives

    Students use material from IWM's Collections to lead their own investigation into one person's experience of the Home Front. They then share their findings and reflect on the range of experiences represented.

  • The Holocaust Exhibition: Touching the Past

    Using objects related to The Holocaust Exhibition, students explore how we study history and how objects can enrich our understanding of the past.

  • An image of the Holocaust Exhibition at IWM LondonThe Holocaust Exhibition: An Introduction

    Through discussion and reflection students will prepare to visit The Holocaust Exhibition. Students are also given an audio guide to navigate their way through a chronological narrative of the Holocaust and deepen their understanding of events in Nazi-occupied Europe and beyond.

  • An image showing a column of Jewish people and Nazi soldiersThe Holocaust: Personal Perspectives

    Using a range of material from IWM's collections, students lead their own enquiry into the lives of people affected by the Holocaust.

  • An image of the painting 'Battle of Germany' by Paul NashVisions from Above and Below: Art Gallery Session

    A new session based upon the 'Visions from Above and Below' Exhibition currently under development.

  • The New Atrium.  Image by Fosters + Partners.Self Guided Visits

    A visit to IWM London supports studies of war and conflict from 1914 until the present day.

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