Key Stage 2 Learning Sessions

  • Learning in the Galleries: Students will be given a short introduction to the layout and content of the First World War Galleries. They will then investigate some of the stories behind the objects displayed in the Galleries and create their own caption for an object.

  • Investigating The Collections: Students use material from IWM's collections to lead their own investigation into people's experience of the First World War. They then share their findings and reflect on the range of experiences represented.

    • Working With Eyewitnesses. Students have the opportunity to meet a Second World War eyewitness who can answer students' questions and share their memories of evacuation and life on the home front.
  • Investigating The Collections: Students work in small groups to investigate artefacts from the Second World War Home Front, on the themes of air raids, gas attacks, the blackout, and rationing.

  • Investigating The Collections. This session examines the impact of the Second World War on the everyday lives of British children in both the city and countryside. Students handle artefacts, look at photographs and examine documents.

  • Learning in the Galleries. Working in the Family in Wartime exhibition, students will devise their own investigation into Home Front themes. These will link to the experiences of the Allpress family, an ordinary family living in Britain during the Second World War.

  • A visit to IWM London supports studies of war and conflict from 1914 until the present day.

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First World War

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