Key Stage 3 Learning Sessions

The American Air Museum (one of our eight exhibition buildings) is closed until spring 2016 for an exciting redevelopment.

  • Students will learn more about the Normandy landings and consider the impact of this event on the men who took part.

  • Students handle a selection of artefacts and consider the advantage of guerrilla warfare over conventional tactics in this conflict, whilst touring some of the iconic aircraft that played a significant role in the Vietnam War.

  • Discover how the Bernoulli principle and Coanda effect work with Newtonian physics to create the forces of flight, through hands-on experiments and object handling.

  • Emulating the scientific and engineering challenges faced in the Normandy invasions, students will design and build tanks capable of floating, building bridges and firing specialised armaments.

  • Duxford Airfield played an important part in the Battle of Britain. View images and film from the era, study artefacts, and learn about the preparations for the Battle of Britain and the key targets attacked.

  • Civil defence, evacuation, rationing, the use of gas masks and campaigns such as Dig for Victory affected the entire country. This session looks at these issues, using film, photographs and artefacts from the museum’s collections.

  • Using a wealth of artefacts and photographs students will explore the daily routine of a soldier in the trenches and discover what life was like on the Western Front.

  • Learn how technological developments used in weapons of war lead to everyday commercial and social applications.

  • An exciting new outreach programme for classes in Years 5 to 7, based on a model Second World War Boeing B-29 Superfortress.

  • In partnership with STEM Team East, and led by STEM Ambassadors from companies around the region, students take part in fun and challenging hands-on Science and Technology activities.

  • An exciting new STEM CPD day for primary and middle school teachers, combining sessions on effective teaching with learning-outside-the-classroom challenges.

  • A visit to IWM Duxford can support studies related to the First and Second World Wars, the Cold War, Vietnam, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as well as cross curricular subjects such as Transport.

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