Key Stage 2 Learning Sessions


  • An image showing United States troops during the Second World WarGallery Session People’s Stories: D-Day

    Students will learn more about the Normandy landings and consider the impact of this event on the men who took part.

  • An image of a man standing next to a SpitfireGallery Session People’s Stories: The Battle of Britain

    One of the most dangerous and exciting times in British history. See the famous Spitfire and other deadly fighter aeroplanes in our Battle of Britain exhibition. Discover more about those who played a part in the story.

  • Hands-on Workshop: Assembling an Aeroplane

    In this hands-on activity students will learn about the parts of an aeroplane and the forces of flight, as they build a large replica of an aeroplane.

  • Hands-on Workshop: Forces of Flight

    In this hands-on activity students will learn about the forces of gravity, drag, thrust and lift, as they build a large a large scale model of a First World War de Havilland DH9 bomber.

  • An image of a family having tea during the Second World WarHands-on Workshop: History Detectives

    Students look at evidence to discover how the Halford family are all doing their bit during the Second World War. They observe, question, make deductions and draw conclusions about how each member of the family is helping the war effort.

  • Hands-on Workshop: How Things Fly

    In this hands-on session students learn how gravity, drag, thrust and lift influence the science of flight. Using models and experiments they will explore the different forces that make aeroplanes fly.

  • Hands-on Workshop: Remembrance

    Join in our poignant remembrance activities. Explore the reasons why people go to war and why we should remember.

  • An image of troops walking along a duckboard trackInteractive Talk: An introduction to the First World War

    Students learn how the First World War started and how it affected the young men who fought in it. They consider the conditions in the trenches and learn how the act of Remembrance began.
  • An image showing a gas mask drill during the Second World WarInteractive Talk: Children in the Second World War

    Find out what life was like for children growing up in the Second World War using posters, photographs, rarely seen footage and artefacts.

  • An image of evacuees during the Secind World WarInteractive Talk: Home Front 1939 - 45

    How did life change for families? Find out the answer to this question and more using images, film and artefacts.

  • An image of a Boeing B-29 SuperfortressPartners in Flight: STEM outreach session

    An exciting new outreach programme for classes in Years 5 to 7, based on a model Second World War Boeing B-29 Superfortress.

  • An image of an Air Raid Warden during the Second World WarRole Play: ARP Warden Training

    Children learn about the work of Air Raid Precautions wardens and what to do in the event of an air raid or gas attack.

  • An image of a canteen during the Second World WarRole Play: Aunty Flo and the Evacuees

    The session includes creating an identity card, talking about rations and gas mask practice.

  • An image of children in a wartime classroomRole Play: Wartime Classroom

    As evacuees you are waiting to be billeted to the neighbouring village. But first there's a lesson with the strict local school teacher.

  • Special Day: Second World War Day

    Interact with wartime characters, learn about wartime games and join in wartime dances. Help to put out an incendiary bomb with the National Fire Service, dig for victory and much more! There are pre-booked and drop-in activities available.

  • An image of sailors carrying Christmas treesSpecial Day: Wartime Christmas

    Discover how the Second World War affected family life at Christmas.

  • An image of children finding out more about a wind tunnelSpecial Event: STEM Young Investigators Day

    In partnership with STEM Team East, and led by STEM Ambassadors from companies around the region, students take part in fun and challenging hands-on Science and Technology activities.

  • Two people look up at the inside of an aeroplanePartners in Flight: Training and Development

    An exciting new STEM CPD day for primary and middle school teachers, combining sessions on effective teaching with learning-outside-the-classroom challenges.

  • Self Guided Visits

    A visit to IWM Duxford can support studies related to the First and Second World Wars, the Cold War, Vietnam, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as well as cross curricular subjects such as Transport.

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