Key Stage 2 Learning Sessions

  • Tour. Join in our poignant remembrance activities. Learn about what life was like in the First World War and how it is remembered.

  • Investigating The Collections. Using a wealth of photographs and artefacts, including our First World War DH9 biplane, students will explore what life was like on the Western Front from conditions in the trenches to air warfare.

  • Role Play. Children learn about the work of Air Raid Precautions wardens and what to do in the event of an air raid or gas attack.

  • Role Play. As evacuees you are waiting to be billeted to the neighbouring village. But first there's a lesson with the strict local school teacher.

  • Investigating The Collections. Students investigate artifacts to learn how the Second War World affected people’s lives.

  • Learning in the Galleries. Students will learn more about the Normandy landings and consider the impact of this event on the men and women who took part.

  • Learning in the Galleries. Learn about the Battle of Britain including the men and women who served at RAF Duxford.

  • Investigating The Collections. In this gallery-based handling activity, students explore the themes of air raids, blackout and civil defence by examining genuine and replica artefacts.

  • Investigating The Collections. In this hands-on activity students will learn about the parts of an aeroplane and the forces of flight, as they build a large replica of a First World War DH9 aeroplane.

  • Investigating The Collections. In this hands-on activity students will learn about the forces of gravity, drag, thrust and lift, as they build a large a large scale model of a First World War de Havilland DH9 bomber.

  • An exciting new outreach programme for KS2 and above, based on a model Second World War Boeing B-29 Superfortress.

  • In partnership with STEM Team East, and led by STEM Ambassadors from companies around the region, students take part in fun and challenging hands-on Science and Technology activities.

  • A series of trails have been created to help your students explore IWM Duxford. Please download the ones you would like to use, print them and bring them with you.

  • A visit to IWM Duxford can support studies related to the First and Second World Wars, the Cold War, Vietnam, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as well as cross curricular subjects such as Transport.

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