Key Stage 4 Learning Sessions

  • Students explore how the River Thames, Pool of London and Navy ships have been represented in art or photography. They then use HMS Belfast's unique design and location as inspiration for sketch book development or photography projects during their time on board.

  • Students develop an enquiry focusing on artefacts used on HMS Belfast during the Arctic convoys. The session includes investigation of the ship to gather evidence and assesses the varied roles and conditions on board.

  • Students will use the collections of the museum to investigate the experiences of men and women who participated in the planning and the execution of D-Day.

  • Students investigate life on board through the personal stories of men who served on HMS Belfast. Handling artefacts from the ship’s collection students discover how different crew members lived and worked.

    Suitable for KS2 (Year 4) to KS4

  • Students have the opportunity to meet some of the men who served on HMS Belfast who can answer students' questions and share their memories of life on board.

  • A visit to HMS Belfast may support studies of the Second World War, Arctic Convoys, Korean War or The River Thames.

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