Kip in a Ship

Sleep overnight on board HMS Belfast and experience life below deck.

Kip in a Ship offers an exciting and affordable sleepover experience for schools or youth groups with children aged 7-18 in the heart of London.

Up to 52 children (26 boys and 26 girls for mixed-gender groups) can stay for up to three nights on board, immersing themselves in the ship’s history by sleeping in real sailors’ bunks. We can accommodate a maximum of six adults (at least one adult for every ten children) in two separate cabins.

Your visit includes breakfast and a morning learning session where children can discover the stories of the men who lived and worked on board during D-Day and beyond.

From August 2016 you will also be able to add an evening activity to your package. Please see below for more details.



  • 2016 and 2017 £47.50 per person per night including VAT (includes breakfast).
  • The minimum party size you will be charged for is 20.
  • The evening activity can be added for an additional £12.50 per person (includes all materials and an exclusive tour of the Captain's Bridge)
  • Packed lunches and gift bags can be added for an extra fee
  • Bedding and towel hire (includes pillow and pillow case, duvet with cover, sheet and bath towel), £8.50 per person. For groups that are unable or do not wish to bring their own bedding, you can now hire this for your stay. Items cannot be hired separately. You can choose to hire it for your whole group or individuals within your group.

Evening Activity

You can choose from one of the activities below which will take place between 6-10pm on the night of your stay. All activities are followed by an exclusive tour of the Captain’s Bridge and Flag Deck, after the ship has closed to the public. Activities are suitable for 7-18 year olds:

  • Mess Deck Life: Learn about some of the different jobs on board that helped to keep this floating town efficient and ship shape, before designing your very own mess mug to enjoy a hot chocolate in before bed.
  • Speak Like a Sailor: Learn the art of talking from ship to ship without speaking. Have a go at semaphore before making your own mini flag pole on which to raise a flag signal.
  • Know your Knots: Kippers have the opportunity to learn the ropes - literally! If all the skills are mastered a hammock can be hung and tested, which will also provide a unique photo opportunity.
  • Actions Stations (recommended for groups aged 14-18 years old only): Discover the realities of life aboard a floating gun platform in a game which simulates a ship under attack, sustaining damage and reliant on the crew’s quick thinking and problem-solving skills to stay afloat.
  • For December 2016, you can choose to book a special Christmas-themed activity, where you can find out how sailors decorated the messdecks and celebrated Christmas on board HMS Belfast in times of peace and in battle. More details coming soon.

How to book

Book online to reserve the night your group would like to stay. Bookings are open until December 2017. You can secure the reservation by paying a non-refundable £100 deposit by credit or debit card.

Please note: online bookings cannot be made for the immediate 6 weeks ahead. If you are interested in booking one of these dates, please contact the bookings team direct at to enquire.

Read our Terms and Conditions prior to booking.

You can only book one night at a time, so if you would like more than one night, simply repeat the booking process up to a maximum of three nights per group.

You do not need to know your group size at the reservation stage. We will ask you to complete a form with the full details of your group eight weeks prior to arrival. If you do wish to book an evening activity it should be specified at this stage, packed lunches and gift bags can be ordered at the same time. We will invoice you for the remaining amount.

We are not able to accept bookings from higher education groups, families, individuals or overseas visitors.

Read our Terms and Conditions prior to booking.

If you have further queries, please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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Gift Bags

Gift bags can be reserved and then paid for on admission.