Post-16 Learning Sessions


  • A student exploring the Churchill War Rooms.Churchill Museum Investigation

    Students work in small groups selecting evidence from the Churchill Museum to evaluate aspects of Churchill’s leadership style.

  • Winston Churchill with members of his family.Churchill’s Life and Work: Sources

    Working with a range of written sources students will develop their skills of evaluation and analysis by focusing on key aspects of Churchill’s life and work.

  • Lest We Forget by Leonora GreenLife on the Home Front: Artefacts

    Students work in small groups to investigate an artefact from the Second World War Home Front. They then create a mini exhibition based around their artefact and share information they have discovered with others.

  • Your Britain Fight for it Now by Frank NewbouldLife on the Home Front: Propaganda

    How effective is wartime propaganda? Students investigate what makes a good propaganda campaign by analysing a range of Home Front posters.

  • A photograph of the Berlin Wall in 1989.Origins of the Cold War

    Students evaluate the relationship between Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union from 1939 until 1945.

  • The 'Big Three' at Tehran.The Big Three

    Students evaluate the relationship between Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin from 1939 until 1945.

  • Winston Churchill addresses the Canadian Parliament in December 1941.The Power of Speech: Winston Churchill

    Students analyse Churchill’s speech 'This Wicked Man', broadcast from the Cabinet War Rooms at the height of the London Blitz on 11 September 1940.

  • Photograph showing the Churchill War Rooms.Self Guided Visits

    A visit to IWM Churchill War Rooms may support studies of the Second World War Home Front, Winston Churchill or British government and politics.

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