Key Stage 4 Learning Sessions


  • An image of a student exploring the Churchill War RoomsChurchill Museum Investigation

    Students work in small groups selecting evidence from the Churchill Museum to evaluate aspects of Churchill’s leadership style.

  • A painting of rationed goods from the Second World WarLife on the Home Front: Artefacts

    Students work in small groups to investigate an artefact from the Second World War Home Front. They then create a mini exhibition based around their artefact to show to others in the class.

  • An image of a Second World War propaganda posterLife on the Home Front: Propaganda

    How effective is wartime propaganda? Students investigate what makes a good propaganda campaign by analysing a range of Home Front posters.

  • A photograph of women in industry during the Second World WarLife on the Home Front: Women

    Using film and artefacts students will evaluate the variety of roles carried out by women in Britain during the Second World War. Key themes for discussion include propaganda, morale, war work and working conditions.

  • An image showing the Cabinet War rooms during the Second World WarOperation Fortitude

    Students work in teams taking on different roles including Covert Operatives and Cypher Officers, working together in the Cabinet War Rooms to deliver a plan to ensure allied success on D-day.

  • An image showing the Churchill War Rooms.Self Guided Visits

    A visit to IWM Churchill War Rooms may support studies of the Second World War Home Front, Winston Churchill or British government and politics.

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