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The Story Of D-Day By The People Who Were There

During 1944 and 1945 the Allies produced a feature length film, The True Glory, as a permanent visual record of the campaign in Europe. The film covers all the major engagements from D-Day to the fall of Berlin.

The audio clips below are from accounts of D-Day, read by actors.

All clips © IWM (CVN 319)

Transcript for featured clips

  • An introduction by the Supreme Commander

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    General Dwight D Eisenhower introduces The True Glory.

  • Putting the war on the map

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    Members of the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS) plotting Allied naval operations before D-Day.

  • Arriving in Britain

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    An American soldier remembers the journey to Britain and his first impressions of the country.

  • The Waiting Game

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    A British soldier talks about boarding the landing ships and waiting for the invasion to begin.

  • The Final Briefing

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    An American soldier describes the final briefing that troops received before the start of the invasion and his feelings about the upcoming attack.

  • The Airborne Assault

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    A pilot recalls towing gliders during the airborne assault.

  • Breaking the News

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    A British journalist remembers the first time he heard about the campaign, on the morning of D-Day.

  • Landing on the Beaches

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    The Allies approach France by sea and the soldiers move towards the beaches under fire.

  • Omaha Beach

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    An American soldier describes landing on Omaha beach.

  • Securing a Foothold

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    A Scottish soldier reports moving away form the beaches and hearing about the campaign's progress.

  • Utah Beach

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    An American soldier describes transporting men and equipment across Utah beach.

  • 15 Days Outside Caen

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    A British soldier talks about the 15 days he spent in a field outside of Caen during the fight to take the city.

  • The Casualties

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    An American nurse remembers her first casualty.

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Carol Reed: commentary spoken & director
Garson Kanin: commentary spoken & director
Richard Attenborough: commentary spoken
Arthur MacRae: commentary spoken
Francoise Rosay: commentary spoken
Claude Dauphin: commentary spoken
Jimmy Handley: commentary spoken
Sam Levine: commentary spoken
Frank Harvey: commentary spoken
Peter Ustinov: commentary spoken
John Laurie: commentary spoken