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Rare British Colour Footage From The Normandy Campaign

These clips are taken from colour footage filmed on 7 June 1944. © IWM (ADM 1234A)

  • Landing craft

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    Landing craft were used to transport men and equipment across the English Channel on and after D-Day. This clip shows armoured vehicles and supplies being loaded onto landing craft in Britain.

  • Help from above

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    Air power was critical to Allied success in the Battle of Normandy. This clip shows Marauders flying in formation.

  • Keeping fit

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    This clip shows British troops exercising on a ship's deck in Weymouth before heading to France to support the Allied Expeditionary Force.

  • Operation 'Neptune'

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    Naval operations continued after D-Day. The Allied navies transported men and equipment during the post-invasion build-up and provided artillery support to troops advancing inland.

  • DUKW

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    DUKWs are amphibious vehicles and were used to transport supplies and equipment during the Allied build-up.  Able to operate in water and on land, DUKWs took supplies onto the beaches from supply ships offshore.

  • Landing on the beaches

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    The Battle of Normandy lasted from 6 June until the end of August 1944. Troops continued to arrive in France to support the Allied breakout.