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IWM 2018: What to watch out for next year

IWM was founded whilst the First World War was still raging to help reflect and record the experiences of those who lived, fought and died in the conflict. In 2018, we are pleased to reveal that we will be marking the end of the centenary of the First World War with a special season of programming at IWM London and IWM North.

Our Making a New World season will allow visitors explore how the First World War has shaped our society in a range of innovative exhibitions, installations and immersive experiences.

We’ll also be marking significant anniversaries at our historic Second World War sites and hosting innovative live events, performances and debates that reflect the issues, stories and experience of those whose lives have been shaped by war.

Discover some of the highlights of our 2018 programme below.    

  • Lest We Forget?

    At IWM North, Lest We Forget?: Remembering the First World War will explore how symbols of commemoration - from the poppy to the two minute silence - have endured for a century but also sparked controversy.

    Focusing on the many ways through which the First World War has been remembered, highlights of the exhibition include works of art which were intended for a ‘Hall of Remembrance’ that was never realised.

    Lest We Forget?: Remembering the First World War will open on 27 July 2018.

  • Hope and Renewal

    Generation Hope: Life after the First World War at IWM London opens on 21 September 2018 and is a major exhibition about hope and aspiration in the decade following the First World War.

    Showcasing developments in art, literature, film, fashion and technology, the exhibition will take visitors from the immediate aftermath of the war to the heart of the ‘roaring’ twenties, as people attempted to shape a new world and enjoy more social and political freedoms.

    It will also look at the rise of political extremes and economic turmoil in this era.

    Renewal, a photography exhibition that highlights how the human spirit and hope return in the wake of conflict, will also be on display at IWM London.

  • Poppies come to IWM

    Image: ©Richard Lea-Hair and Historic Royal Palaces

    We are also pleased to announce that we will display Wave and Weeping Window by artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper as part of the final year of 14-18 NOW’s UK-wide tour of the iconic poppies.

    Wave will be at IWM North from 8 September to 25 November 2018 and Weeping Window will be at IWM London from 6 October to 18 November 2018. These two poppy sculptures have been gifted to 14-18 NOW and IWM, and will become part of IWM’s permanent collection at the end of the UK tour.

  • Sound and Silence

    A sound installation at IWM London will give visitors the chance to hear the powerful memories of the men and women who lived through the First World War, bringing their personal stories to life.

    We’ll also offer visitors the chance to experience Moments of Silence*, an immersive installation exploring our rituals of silence and remembrance.

    A public programme of live performances and events will explore the issues raised throughout the Making a New World season and feature contributions from partners, veterans and community groups.

  • Anniversaries at HMS Belfast and IWM Duxford

    HMS Belfast is the largest item in IWM’s collection and in March 2018, we’ll be commemorating the 80 years since her launch in 1938.

    We’ll also be marking RAF 100 at IWM Duxford, the historic airfield that played a crucial role in the Battle of Britain and the story of the RAF.

  • Afterhours at Churchill War Rooms

    The secret underground headquarters from which the course of the Second World War was directed allows visitors to learn more about the people who shaped the course of history.

    In 2018, a newly commissioned immersive experience will allow people to explore Churchill War Rooms afterhours and discover the hidden stories of this unique place.   

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    *the titles indicated with an asterisk maybe subject to change.