Art and Terror

How can art represent a domestic experience of terror as a consequence of distant war? How can it help us to understand legal procedures enacted upon individuals for reasons of international security, which can in themselves be acts of terror?

A panel including academics, researchers and artists discussed these questions as part of Art, Justice and Terror - a day of debate, performances and discussion held at IWM London and curated by London College of Communication.

  • Art and Terror: The Most Beautiful Piece of Chocolate Cake and Its 59 Candles

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    Fred Ritchin is Dean of the School at the International Center of Photography with more than 3,500 students. Previously he was professor of Photography and Imaging at New York University from 1991-2014, and co-founded the Photography and Human Rights program there.

  • Curating Contemporary Conflict

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    Hilary Roberts is Senior Curator, Late-20th Century Conflict at IWM. She works closely with photographers, curators, researchers and writers who document or respond to contemporary conflict. Her most recent collaboration is with Sergey Ponomarev (winner of the 2016 World Press Photo and Pulitzer Prize awards) on his first British solo exhibition Sergey Ponomarev: A Lens on Syria

  • What We Cannot See

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    Diana Matar is an American photographer who has lived in England since 1999. Often spending years on a theme, she attempts to capture the invisible traces of human history. Her works are concerned with power and violence and how they are imposed on individuals and society.

  • On the Domestic Experience of Terror

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    Raffaello Pantucci is Director of International Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). His research focuses on counter-terrorism as well as China's relations with its Western neighbours.

  • Forensic Architecture: Violence at the Threshold of Detectability

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    Eyal Weizman is an architect, professor of spatial and visual cultures and director of the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths, University of London.

  • Art and Terror - Panel Discussion

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    In a discussion moderated by Stephen Mayes, Executive Director of the Tim Hetherington Trust, the panel explore issues and themes raised by the presentations.