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15 Powerful Photos Of The Blitz

By Jesse Alter, Web Team
  • 1. A Raid From Above

    Two German bombers fly over south-east London on the first day of the Blitz, 7 September 1940.

    C 5424

  • 2. St Paul's Cathedral, London

    St Paul's Cathedral seen through smoke caused by a bombing raid on London in December 1940.

    HU 36220

  • 3. Fires In Manchester

    Buildings in Manchester burn after an air raid on the night of 23 December 1940.

    H 6319

  • 4. Taking Shelter

    A woman sleeps on a bed made on top of a row of barrels in the cellar of a wine merchant's in East London in 1940.

    D 1507

  • 5. Damage in South London

    A bus lies in a crater in Balham, south London, after a bombing raid.

    HU 36188

  • 6. Broadgate, Central Coventry

    Bomb damage in the centre of Coventry after the devastating German air raid on the night of 14 November 1940.

    H 5600

  • 7. Sheltering In The Tube

    Civilians take shelter in Elephant and Castle Underground Station in south London during an air raid in November 1940.

    D 1568

  • 8. Queen's Road, Birmingham

    One badly damaged house still stands amidst the piles of timber and rubble following an air raid on Queen's Road, Aston, Birmingham, on 11 December 1940.

    D 4130

  • 9. Passing Time In An Air Raid Shelter

    Local boys play a game of cards in an air raid shelter in south-east London in November 1940.

    D 1619

  • 10. Clearing Damage in Hull

    Troops of 9th Battalion, The Hampshire Regiment, clear bomb damage in Hull sustained during the Blitz.

    H 11954

  • 11. Mannequins Outside John Lewis, London

    Mannequins litter the pavement outside the John Lewis department store on London’s Oxford Street after an air raid in September 1940.

    D 1091

  • 12. Refreshments In An Air Raid Shelter

    Volunteers prepare to distribute tea to people taking shelter in North London.

    D 1435

  • 13. Coventry Cathedral

    The ruins of Coventry Cathedral two days after the air raid on the city in November 1940.

    H 5603

  • 14. A Makeshift Bed

    A man sleeping in a stone sarcophagus in an East London church in November 1940.

    D 1511

  • 15. Life Goes On In London

    A young boy places a Union flag into the remains of his home, which was destroyed in an air raid on London in 1940.

    D 1303