Syria: Humanity in Conflict

Sat 8 February 2014 – Sun 14 September 2014

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) have been at the front line of the humanitarian response in Syria since fighting erupted in March 2011. This display of powerful images by award winning Italian-Syrian photographer, Ibrahim Malla, depicts the work of SARC volunteers who are putting their lives on the line in the current conflict and humanitarian crisis.

These images are accompanied by extracts of volunteer’s personal accounts, revealing what motivates them to stay in this conflict zone. Since hostilities began, 32 Syrian Arab Red Crescent staff and volunteers have been killed. Many more SARC volunteers have been injured, kidnapped or detained while carrying out their humanitarian duties.

Created in association with the British Red Cross, Malla is currently working in and around Syria for the International Federation of the Red Cross. He has exhibited in Syria, Italy, Spain, France, China and Germany and won six international awards during his career.

All photograph credits © Ibrahim Malla/ICRC

In association with the British Red Cross

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