Big Picture Show

Tue 1 January 2013 – Wed 31 December 2014

The Big Picture Show is an award-winning 360-degree experience unique to IWM North. Using surround sound, projected digital moving images and photographs, the show brings to life people’s experiences of war. It immerses you in the heart of the action, creating a complete sensory experience which is totally involving, and often very moving.

The original three shows use IWM's world-renowned collections of photography, art and sound to highlight the themes of the home front, weapons and children’s experiences of war.

Our Big Picture Show shorts focus on a street bombing in Baghdad in 2007, the experiences of a volunteer nurse in Afghanistan and the theme of Remembrance. Plus our brand new show Horrible Histories®: Rotten Rationing brings Second World War rationing to life for all ages.

Big Picture Show times

Weekdays (not including school holidays)

  • 11am: Rotten Rationing
  • Noon: War at Home
  • 1pm: Children and War
  • 2pm: Remembrance
  • 3pm: Weapons of War
  • 4pm: Build the Truce
  • 4.30pm: Al-Mutanabbi Street: A Reaction

Weekends and school holidays

  • 11am:   Rotten Rationing
  • Noon:   War at Home
  • 1pm:     Children and War
  • 2pm:     Rotten Rationing
  • 3pm:     Remembrance
  • 4pm:     Build the Truce
  • 4.30pm: Al-Mutanabbi St: A reaction

Please note that there are some changes to the Big Picture Show times in November:

  • November 3: There will be no 1pm Big Picture Show
  • November 9 and 11: The Remembrance Big Picture Show will be played at 11.02am instead of Rotten Rationing
  • November 15: There will be no Big Picture Shows from 2pm


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