A Family in Wartime

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Discover how ordinary Londoners faced the challenges of life at home during the Second World War through the story of the Allpress family. Learn how they coped with rationing, evacuation, war work and events on the home front from the London Blitz to VE Day.

Meet a Second World War eyewitness who can answer questions and share their memories of evacuation and life on the home front. Find out more.

An image of some members of the Allpress family seated for a family photo

Courage, Duty and Determination

Explore reconstructions of rooms as they would have been in the 1940s and see how the war affected life at home. Find out how radios emerged and connected people in Britain with those on the fighting front and discover the different wartime roles - both male and female - held by members of the Allpress Family.

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A Family in Wartime: Rationing

Betty Allpress was the eldest of twin girls in the Allpress family. Here she speaks about life under rationing in the Allpress household.

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