Thu 26 October 2017 – Mon 28 May 2018

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Free, drop in event

A pop-up space hosting creative responses to, and reflections on, topics from the Age of Terror: Art Since 9/11 exhibition.

Film Screenings

From 26 October to 7 January, IWM presents two films from the IWM Short Film Festival that touch upon subjects raised in the Age of Terror: Art Since 9/11 exhibition.

DRONE (2013), Daniel Jewel

00:12:00 │ IWM Short Film Festival 2016 – shortlist

Screening from 26 October to 27 November 2017

In a nondescript office, a man begins his morning shift and sits down in front of his computer. He surfs the internet, clicks through a game of solitaire, and then, abruptly, the screen is replaced and the office worker’s day truly begins. With a restrained central performance, no dialogue and cold and clinical in its evocation of banality, DRONE envisages a near future where pilotless operations have become part of the monotony of office life, an unsettling and absorbing conception of dispassionate, modern-day warfare.

Produced by Ateh Jewel and Mandy Belnick. Executive Producers: Ahsan Zaman, Deborah Sheppard and John Guise.


Chronicles of a Migrant (2017), Zena Assi

00:03:00 │ IWM Short Film Festival 2017 – shortlist

Screening from 28 November to 7 January 2018

A poignant depiction of a migrant’s odyssey as he is forced to flee his war-torn homeland in search of a new life. This imaginative and multi-layered animation captures the meandering voyage of despair and transcendent humanity as the migrant searches for a country to call home.

IWM Short Film Festival 2017 takes place from 17–26 November at IWM London and presents an imaginative, edgy and challenging selection of films responding to past and contemporary conflict. Visit iwm.org.uk/film-festival for more information.



Aman Mojadidi: do we live in an age of terror?

Wednesday 7 – Sunday 11 February

Timed sessions every day (availability on demand)

From 7-11 February, participate in daily performance lectures by Afghan-American artist Aman Mojadidi. Visitors are invited to spend time with the artist reflecting on the politics of ‘home’ or ‘homeland’ by considering a selection of documentary materials and objects from the ‘war on terror’, the migrant crisis in Europe, and recent acts of terrorism in the West.   

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