Special Interest Day: The First World War Uncovered

Saturday 27 September 2014

10am to 4.30pm in Marshall Auditorium, AirSpace

The First World War Uncovered looks at different aspects of the Great War with authoritative and engaging speakers.

Professor Gary Sheffield presents two fascinating lectures. In Douglas Haig Reassessed he looks at the controversial military commander who is seen by some as a great leader, while others view him as a callous, unthinking butcher.

In his second lecture, Not Sleepwalking: The Origins of the First World War Revisited, Professor Gary Sheffield argues that the currently fashionable view that no state can be blamed for causing the war, that Europe ‘sleepwalked’ into a devastating conflict, is wrong.

Jonathan Krause is a Lecturer in Strategic Studies at the Royal Air Force College at Cranwell. He discusses Philippe Petain, who was a Commander-in-Chief of French forces. Jonathan will introduce you to Petain, both as a commander and as a human being, to better contextualise his influence on the conduct of the First World War.

Andrew Spooner, the battlefield tour guide, presents a talk about medicine in the First World War, from trench diseases to injuries caused in action. He will explain how casualties were evacuated from the trenches and will use original First World War artefacts to demonstrate how various injuries were treated.


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