Second World War and Holocaust Galleries

“These ground-breaking new galleries will enable IWM to transform the way we present the Second World War and the Holocaust and, through our new narrative, enable visitors to engage with those parts of the story that may be less well understood and known to them. Our new galleries will be completely unique in presenting the complex narrative of the Holocaust within the context of the Second World War – something no other museum currently does. In doing so, we will create an accessible, engaging narrative populated by the stories of real people from these diverse communities. Above all, we will show that the Second World War was a moment when the world changed completely.”  
IWM Director-General Diane Lees


Since 1917, IWM London has been collecting objects and stories revealing people’s experiences of war and preserving them for future generations.  After re-opening our First World War Galleries and atrium in 2014, marking the centenary of the First World War, we have now launched the next phase in the transformation of IWM London - to significantly expand and update our Second World War and Holocaust Galleries, and create a learning suite across all three floors of the exhibition. 

Opening in 2020, this £33.5 million project will make us the first museum in the world to physically and intellectually present the Holocaust narrative within the context of the Second World War. To date, IWM has successfully secured 41 per cent of the funding required to realise this vision.  However, almost £20 million still needs to be raised over the next eighteen months and approaches are being made to a variety of sources including trusts, foundations and individuals. Major supporters to date include The Pears Foundation and The Garfield Weston Foundation, each of which have generously committed £5 million towards the project.

As the events of the Second World War and Holocaust pass from living memory and into history, our duty to preserve first hand memories, as well as objects and diverse histories, and to educate future generations has never been more pressing.

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To find out how you can support this project, please contact Antoinette O’Loughlin, Executive Head of Development on ao’ or 020 7091 3050.


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