IWM London, located on Lambeth Road, explores how the history of modern conflict affects us all, from the front line to the home front.

Exhibits range from objects of war to photographs and personal letters; they include film and sound recordings and some of the twentieth century's best-known paintings. Many of the world’s leading experts on all aspects of modern conflict work at IWM London.

Images and Film

To download high-resolution images related to IWM and our exhibitions and events, free for press use, use the Press Extranet. You will first need log-in details. Email Harriet Thompson on for information.

To research images or other resources from IWM’s collection, use the Collections Search or, to order images and resources for press use, contact our Image and Film Sales or Documents teams for information on using our collections, and on licensing:

Image Archive and Image Sales: 020 7416 5215/5309

Film Archive and Film Sales: 020 7416 5291/5292



At IWM London we handle a broad range of filming projects, from news pieces on our latest exhibitions and displays and in depth interviews with our resident experts, to filming behind the scenes with our Collections and documentaries.

Contact Kate Crowther, Press and Marketing Assistant: / 020 7416 5497

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For more information or to arrange a press visit to IWM London contact:

Harriet Thompson, Press Assistant: / 020 7416 5436

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